Monday, May 20, 2002

Not much going on today-- pretty uneventful.

Yesterday I bought a grill. A man's grill. A grill worthy of a Nash. My dad will be so proud once he sees it. It will probably get him to visit a little more.

I ate dinner tonight with a bunch of girls. Meagan Tucker is in-- she got a job in Duncanville. I know she's happy.

Not sure who I'll pop into the cd player to lure me to sleep. I haven't listened to Jennifer Knapp in a while. The last couple of nights has been Emmylou Harris. She has the most soothing voice. Jonny Lang is also a possibility.

Well, anyway, I'm really looking forward to having some time off. There is so many things I need to get done. It's going to be great to have at least a couple of weeks off without any commitments.

I'm still waiting to hear from people who are reading this stuff. Drop me a line:

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