Friday, May 10, 2002

I woke up @ 7:00 this morning, stumbled to the couch and watched the first 15 minutes of the Today show, then fell sound asleep. Somewhere in the midst of that I must have turned it on MTV. Because when I woke up, there was John Mayer singing "No Such Thing." I was so excited. Finally, a person makes it big who I've been a fan of before they hit stardom! I can't wait 'till someone says "I heard this great new song on the radio today, something about wanting to run through the halls of your highschool." To which I can reply, "Yeah, that's John Mayer, I've had his cd a few months now."

You see, I'm totally a product of my culture. I don't know if it's just my generation, or western culture as a whole, but we all want to be relevant. Nothing is worse to us than not knowing, or not being in a position to know. That's why some of us read People magazine, and watch CNN, and go to movies, and feel the need to casually call out a basketball player's name during a game, or mention what college some pro football player went to, or talk about how we LOVED Aerosmith before they became an MTV Icon, or lament the fact that Dave Matthews has sold out to commercialism, or how there's no such thing as the real world-that's just a lie you've got to rise above. We mostly don't do that because we enjoy it, we do it because we want to tell someone that we know. Because no matter how postmodern we think we have become, we still believe knowledge is power.

I wish we could all come to a point where it didn't matter how many trivial facts we know, or how relevant we are to a certain group of people. I think only then will we find true relevance. Relevance as someone who bucks the system of oneupmanship, and is comfortable with who we are, and who God is helping us to become.

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