Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Just spent the evening watching 'The Real World' and 'The Osbournes.' Real World show chronicled the cast between the days of Sept. 10-14, 2001- and their reactions to the tragedy. It really brought a lot of the horrible feelings back. Watched it with Tracey and Kris. We were all fighting back tears. Well, Kris and I were fighting-- Tracey lost the battle. The whole gang prayed together. Quote of the day came from Cara-- "This was the first time I've ever prayed. It feels extremely odd, but at the same time, I feel ok." It made me realize how long it's been since I've prayed.

I didn't want to watch "The Osbournes," because, although I love the show, I thought it might be a bit too anticlimactic after Real World. But it was an interesting juxtaposition of the two shows: the reality that defined our corporate lives as a nation, and the reality of everyday life, living with very flawed individuals, but somehow making it through.

Had my first phone conversation with Avery today. Although limited, it totally made my crappy workday fade into oblivion. I have something to think about tomorrow when it gets bad.

So we have these few things, faith, friends, and the Osbournes. It feels extremely odd, but at the same time, I feel ok.

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