Sunday, May 12, 2002

I've never really watched "The X-Files" much, but I caught the last few minutes of it tonight. The preview for next week's show (the series finale), said something like "They've been searching for the truth for nine years, and finally the truth will be revealed." It got me thinking about the theological-philosophical-epistemological, (and every other -ical), question of "What is truth." Christians trying to wade through the postmodern waters have stated that we shouldn't live our lives on propositional truths. Which makes a lot of sense when you remember what Jesus said about him being the truth. But even though I believe that Jesus is the truth, I still have no idea what that looks like. Does it mean the fact of who He was and what He did was the truth? If that is the case, then doesn't that just make truth a propositional statement? Or was truth more in his essence? If that is how it is, then when I give a test to my students next week, can they answer "Jesus" to every question and get it right? I'm not sure, these thoughts may be just a tad too lofty for me.

I babysat Avery this evening. She was a little angel the whole night. It's always good when she's like that- it makes it MUCH easier for me to train her in the very important things, like saying "I Love You Craig."

Tomorrow starts the beginning of the end, and I couldn't be happier. This is the last full week.

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