Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Zero Visibility...

There's a Dense Fog Advisory in effect for the greater Waco area right now. This means when you walk outside you can't see very far. It's misty. The past few days around here have felt like being on the edge of the most barren and dark land. People all around me are sick and having difficult times and I have been tired and in a general funk.

I've teared up a lot today, and of course it's all been for the same reason. Driving home in the mess I couldn't help but think how much better this day would have been with Kyle in it.

As much as I love the Olympics, this evening has been the most I've watched of it. The German women won bobsledding gold. That Italian guy beat the Americans in the 1500 meter speed skate. I've got women's figure skating on pause while I write this, but I just saw Emily Hughes skate and when she hit one of those jumps you should have seen the fire in her eyes. This morning on the Today show her dad made the comment "She skates with so much joy."

The tears came after all of that. Seeing the people win and perform with joy, I cried not because I particularly care about these people but because the exciting stuff inside of them that we get to see every four years was just everyday, run-of-the-mill type stuff for Kyle. Watching them jump up and down with joy made me think of how Kyle lived every moment of his life-- with joy. Harris , whose latest post also made me cry, said it best: Kyle taught us that eternal life begins now.

This dense fog advisory is making me need a bit more of that eternal life right here and now.

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