Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trucking Along...

-- As for the last post, I guess we'll go with "extemely embarassing."

-- I've had the day off today. I woke up, poured cereal in a bowl, coffee in a pot, and watched an hour and a half of the Today show and one of last nights episodes of Scrubs that was being aired while I was at Adam's birthday party. (Happy Birthday Adam!)

--I then decided to go for a run and I just ran, without thinking about how far or fast I would go. It was very Forrest Gump. I ran until I didn't want to run anymore. Actually, I ran until I got to MCC and then decided to turn around.

-- The horrible (truly, truly tragic in light of the world's calamaties) situation in my life today is that the internet has been out at the house, bringing me down a few blocks to the public library to post this.

-- Here's something kind of funny: I cried watching Oprah today, and I don't even think it was an episode intended to make people cry. She had Matthew McConoghey (sp?) on and he was being his normal hippie-childlike self and for a second I was reminded at how carefree Kyle could be around people he was comfortable with. I was laughing and I was crying and I decided-- get yourself together man! You're crying watching Oprah! They'll take your man card away. So I then came here.

-- About to head to Fuddrucker's before church to hang out with the wonderful people of "The Other Side," this crazy group of UBC'ers that aren't college students. It'll be fun.

-- When the internet at home is fixed, I promise I'll post the thing about meeting Kyle I mentioned earlier in the week.

-- Friday the Olympics start and I'm excited.

-- Take Care.

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