Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Grey's Post...

I know my friend Janalee disagrees, but I think this past week's Grey's Anatomy was a perfectly written follow up to the previous weeks expolosion.

The "bomb episodes," which were titled "The End of the World," and "As We Know It," respectively, were intense. They made you search your soul and ask the big ultimate issue type questions. They both pounded at your soul and brought fear and anxiety and, in the end, gave us tragedy.

We then saw a newfound lightness in the characters. Dr. Bailey was still taking charge, but she was also asking quesions about the status of everyone. Izzy (perhaps because of all the sex) had a new bounce in her step and a genuine concern for her friends, which you chould see in the eyes she gave George who finally said the things he always wanted to say but was too afraid to(and also, presumably, got some sex,) and in the biggest turn of events, we saw Christina being, well, human. The patient with the facial tumor helped us see that outside the hard shell she conveys are "nice eyes."

This is what I wanted after the bomb exploded. I wanted to see the characters changed, and I was not disappointed.

Tragedy does that. It brings clarity to reality. It reminds us what is important. It lifts the fog and gives us visibility.

I never cried as hard as I did during the weeks after Kyle died. But I also never laughed as hard either. During those days none of us knew what the hell to do, so we just shrugged our shoulders, took a shot in the dark and lived the best way we knew how, even when it felt like we were just making it all up. Harris and I took Avery to see Chicken Little. Others made cookies and spread them around while others began blogs and wrote letters. We all told stories and said "I Love You," and hugged a lot. None of it made sense, yet it seemed to be the only sensible way to live.

It was the worst of times and we allowed ourselves to be affected by it. We are still being affected by it. Just like Meredith, George, Izzy, Alex, Christina and the rest of the gang.

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