Thursday, February 23, 2006


There's a good chance I'll be taking at least a couple of days off from blogging. I've tried to post something everyday for the past few weeks. I think part of me doing that was a selfish decision to "keep my audience." As I mentioned, I think it was on Harris' blog, it takes a certain amount of ego and pretension to believe what you have to say is worth putting out there, and I've learned I have plenty of both.

But that really isn't the reason for the break. Today I started a 7 day work stretch and I'm in the final days of training for the Half-Marathon on March 4. I had no clue how much time that would take, but it's been exhausting. I need to spend whatever free time I have on that, on trying to do some writing for my writing group, on being alone a bit, and on spending some time with the people I love. I hope you return. I will.

In the meantime, dance till you can't dance till you can't dance till you can't dance no more. (I heard a little C+C Music Factory today and can't get it out of my head.)

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