Thursday, February 02, 2006


-- It's been a blah type of day. The weather is perfect. The frustrating thing is that it shouldn't be. It's the 2nd of February. Even here in Texas it should be dreary on the 2nd of February. I got jack squat done at work today.

-- Speaking of work, I've been thinking. You know how some people have jobs that inspire others to say "I bet you have a wonderful job," and the possesor of the supposed wonderful job normally says "Oh, you have no idea. It's not near as good as it seems." I have people come up to me all the time and say how they bet I have a great job and honestly all I can say is "Yeah, it is pretty great." And I mean it.

-- Sutton said a funny thing yesterday when I picked him up. "Craig! I saw you yesterday at the really BIG church!" At which point I replied, "The really big church? What do you mean?" "You know, that really big church where you work that has all the books in it!" Sweet little boy thought that since his dad worked at a church, then everyone works at a church. How cute is that?

-- Have I mentioned yet that my friends Tracey and Wesley got me tickets to the Keith Urban concert here in Waco, and it's tomorrow night? Well they did and they are the coolest people in the world. (I thought that even before the tickets.) I'm excited.

-- So here's my political thought for the week. My biggest dissapointment over the past few days after the State of the Union is how utterly predictable everyone has become. President gives a speech-- Democrats say "It's nice talk, but we want to see some action."-- Progressive Christians use the words "justice" and "poverty" a lot, and offer a lot of preemptive disclaimers about how they have problems with the Democrats too, even though none of us is buying it. I'm with Shane on this, it's just plain disappointing. To be honest, the only two people who have done something unexpected is Alito, in siding with the non-conservatives on his first judgement, and Bush, in making his "addicted to foreign oil and need more alternative energy," statements. Of course he can't be sincere, since this is the first time he's used it in a speech.

-- I've been lucky for the past couple of Saturdays to be free at night and we've had people over just to hang out. Looks like that's going to happen again. So if you are reading this, and in the Waco vicinity, feel free to drop by Saturday night. We've been having a good time just hanging around the table and telling stories.

-- So talking through the fruit of the Spirit on Wednesday nights and last night we did an alternative service on "peace." All I can say, and I mean this seriously, is that the entire experience was very peaceful.

-- The thing I'm currently reading: "Joe Jones" by Anne Lamott.

-- My morning routine: 1.) Wake up. 2.) Urinate. 3.) Go make coffee and oatmeal. 4.) Watch the local news. 5.) If I don't have to be at work @ 7:00, watch the Today Show. 6.) Shower. 7.) Go to work.

-- What I had for dinner tonight: H-E-B Rotiesserie chicken I purchased tonight after I ran into Singleton and Anthony, chips and quacamole left over from Hickmans Birthday party, and Pecan Sandies with chocolate chips.

-- Television shows I've watched tonight: Will and Grace, My Name is Earl.

-- What I read during my breaks at work today: The Waco Tribune Herald and Christianity Today.

-- What I normally read during my breaks on Mondays: Newsweek.

-- Breaks on Fridays: People.

-- My favorite Magazine: Newsweek and Texas Monthly.

-- My favorite Television Magazine-type show: Texas Country Reporter.

-- Thing I'm wondering right now: Why I trailed off with the last few bullet points, and what it means to the possibility you will return to my blog.

-- Why I care: Because, like most of us, I'm a bit insecure.

-- That's all I've got for now. Catch you on the flip side.

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