Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Random Again...

I've found myself with the rarest of occurances for a retail manager, two days off in a row. After staying up late just thinking last night, I slept in this morning later than I have since college, 10:00. I felt like a bum, but didn't do much about it. Ended up spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon scanning blogs and watching about a second of every channel on cable. I finally got myself out, went to visit the gravesite, then to the gym. I've decided I'm running that Bearathon in March if I can get myself in shape. I'm up to five miles a day now, so we'll see.

Tomorrow I will wake up early (6ish,) go run, then come home and watch the boys for about an hour while Jen runs errands. After that I'm heading to Dallas just to get away. I'll probably try to do all my shopping in Hillsboro (my goal: 15 minutes.) Later in the day I'm meeting up with El Mol. for a libation or two. So many people have meant so much to me for the past few weeks, but I'm kind of at a time when I just want to be around people that loved Kyle as much as I did. I've talked before about the fear of losing memories. Sometimes I deliberately try to conjure up a memory so I don't forget, but it's impossible. I need context. All that to say, I'm looking forward to beer and Kyle talk.

Afterwards I'll probably end up staying with my college roommate, then back to the grind on Thursday.

Been thinking a lot about UBC. I have nothing new to say, but I dug up this old post. It was written around the time D.A. Carson wrote his book on the Emerging church which encouraged a lot of critique and then caused a lot of us to get our panties in a wad and blogs were written and everyone was talking about emerging churches. Funny thing is, most people sitting in "Emergent" churches didn't know they were emergent. They were just going to church. They found a place to worship, to be real, to love and be loved, period. That was enough for me then, and it is what I cling to now.

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