Monday, December 05, 2005

A bit of Kyle's humor...

Thought I'd share this with you. It's an email he sent me before his first book came out. Since a more tame version of his bio made it to the final cut, I thought you might enjoy what he originally wrote...

From : Kyle Lake
Sent : Wednesday, July 28, 2004 4:23 AM
To : "Craig Nash"
Subject : should i go with this or no?

This is for my book bio. Should I go with this or play it safe?

Kyle Lake is the pastor of University Baptist Church in Waco, TX—the home church of the David Crowder Band. UBC is one of the pioneer churches that was specifically birthed to vocalize the desires and values of emerging generations (besides that, the church also houses some of the greatest masterminds the world has ever known who are constantly scheming plans for world domination). Kyle graduated from Truett Theological Seminary, currently participates in the Emergent Village, and in his free time campaigns for a cat-free society. He and his wife have 3 kids--currently none of whom can be taken into public places.

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