Thursday, December 08, 2005

Now, for a little fun...

-- As you may have noticed, I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to write at least something every day. I generally do this in the evening, after I get back from work or my other assorted evening activities (reading and watching television.) I'm about to work out, head to work, then to a Christmas party and/or Crickets to hang out with friends who are about to be part of the mass holiday exodus out of Waco. Ergo, I post now.

-- Tomorrow I'm heading to the homeland, East Texas. My friend Jason Fortenberry will be in Tyler to see his hometown Newton Eagles play in Rose Stadium for the 2A State Championship. Since it's cold, and I'm off, and I love football in cold weather, I'm going with him. My dad will probably go as well.

-- I'll probably also catch some high school basketball, as the Great East Texas Shootout is going on in Brownsboro.

-- As I've mentioned, pure vanity and narcissism led me to install a site meter a few weeks back. At first I was hypnotized by the different places people who read my blog were from. I'm still fascinated, but now am wondering, "Who are these people?" Soooo, it's roll call time. I want to know who matches up with the following places...

Fort Worth
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Whitehouse, Texas. (This intrigues me most, since it's the closest to Chandler.)
Arlington, TX
New York (I'm guessing either Valerie Targhetta or Rachel Ray.)
Madison, Alabama. (Kevin Charles?)
Wayland, Massachusettes
Brownsville, TX
Princeton, NJ

Everywhere else I've pretty much figured out, but feel free to send a shout out to your hometown peeps if you'd like.

-- I'll try to have a post tomorrow before I leave, since it will be the day of a close friends birth.

-- Stay warm.

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