Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An Open Letter to the Fad of Posting Open Letters...

Dear Fad of Posting Open Letters,

I know, I didn't invent you. I wasn't even the first in my circle of bloggers to use you, I don't think. But we do go way back, you must admit.

Indeed, the first time I considered you as an option ocurred many years before I heard the word "blog," back when the internet was still a young lad. It was the book I read on being an "Ironic Christian" that suggested writing letters to characters in books in which I share my feelings and concerns. In that context, you were brilliant and revolutionized the way I read.

But I forgot about you until a few months ago when I slowly started seeing others making use of the goods you give. From that moment it was on like Donkey Kong. I've used you to contemplate affection, communicate my utter disdain for November '05, and to let the characters of Grey's Anatomy know I'm thinking about them.

You and I, we've had a good run and, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, will have many more good years.

I should warn you, though, I see a backlash coming. You see, most of us are Americans. We love jumping on the latest thing, thinking we will ride it to the promised land. Sometimes the things we jump on are worthy, but mostly we are just looking to crown a new revolution. I think this is why Kanye West is the new "genius of the moment." But then we realize who we have become, blubbering idiots, and seek to make a mid-course correction.

I guess I'm trying to prepare you for the fall but I'm also trying to say that every fad needs someone to stick close to it, you know, to soften the blows. Hopefully Kanye has someone who can do that when people realize he's really just someone who knows how to rhyme and work a drum machine slightly better than the rest of us.

And you, Fad of Posting Open Letters, you have me. I'm sticking with you through thick and thin. Perhaps I will use you to wade back into the stream of posting political-themed blogs after a several month absence. I'm sure you will help me communicate with my friends. I'm hoping you and I can work through things that are yet unknown to me.

I'm looking forward to working with you more, Fad of Posting Open Letters.


Craig Nash


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