Monday, January 23, 2006

Randdom Bullets...

-- I appreciate the positive comments and emails I've received about the previous post. But, in fairness to Aaron, I must say that I probably created somewhat of a straw man out of his post. His ire probably wasn't pointed to the emerging church. It's just hard to imagine what other people in his world would use the language of postmodernism in such a way as to attract his criticism. I don't know... it's just that most of us are tired of using the pomo words and just want to get on with our lives and it's hard to sometimes.

-- I had a good weekend. Got an 8-mile run in yesterday, watched a wonderful episode of Grey's Anatomy with people from church, saw "Munich" on Saturday, and also had a group of people over for beverages and laughter on Saturday night. Saturday was also the day I discovered what will probably make it to my top 10 events of this year: The H-E-B Chinese Kitchen now has a punch card! That's right, baby. Five delicious Chinese meals, the sixth is free! Hallelujah!

-- Gideon Tsang preached at church yesterday and it was, as usual, simply amazing.

-- Tonight after work I played racquetball with Nathan then headed to my first ever writing group. I'm looking forward to being challenged to "hone my craft." (I have ALWAYS wanted to have an opportunity to say that. Do you think I sound Hollywood? I hope you do, because that was my intent.)

-- Tomorrow is a big music day-- Rosanne Cash's new album "Black Cadillac" is coming out and I'm excited. I remember when "Seven Year Ache" came out in the 80's and fell in love with that girl. Then came "Tennessee Flat Top Box," and my love grew. Two years ago her album "Rules of Travel" spoke to my insides. I can't wait for Black Cadillac.

-- I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this. (If you do, tell me and I'll remove it.) But Janalee's Last Post is one of the most moving things I've read in a long time. (I CRACKED up laughing at #1 and was in tears by #10.) It is just beautiful.

-- I hope your week is filled with life and beauty and love.

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