Thursday, January 26, 2006


Blake made a good point that I should have included an "after" picture with the last post. I don't have any pictures with a full body shot yet, (the Abercrombie and Fitch Catalog I appear in semi-nude doesn't come out until the summer,) but here's a picture Tracey sent me yesterday with her and Wesley. Wesley will LOVE the attention of being on the Web, so here you go:


In other unrelated news:

-- Let me tell you about Sutton Lake, that boy LOVES his chips and cheese. Ben has a video of him on his phone from last Easter at El Tapatios. It is of Sutton giving up on chips and eating a bowl of queso with his spoon. Last night I had dinner with the kids and their GiGi at Ninfa's. When the chips and queso came out, Sutton was hypnotized for the rest of the night. It was the cutest thing.

-- Being with the kids yesterday helped me sleep well last night. I had a dream that Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachay, and Leonardo DiCaprio were on a road trip together across the U.S. I was trying my best to be cool and wisely dance the real person-celebrity dance-- you know, trying to appear interested in them, their careers, their personal life, without coming off as a fan. Let's just say that I am now Jessica's rebound guy and Nick and Leo's new best friend.

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