Thursday, March 30, 2006

If you remember I had a friend tell me I should spend time alone with God. Well, it looks like that time has come. I'm leaving tomorrow for a couple of days alone among the Cypress trees and moss of beautiful Caddo Lake State Park. I am really looking forward to it. I mentioned before that I have not had any time off since the beginning of last August, and I am long overdue. I'm bringing some food, a tent, a few books (right now I'm leaning toward Nouwen's The Way of the Heart, Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, and something fictional yet to be determined,) and my new Moleskine journal I purchased because it's what all the cool people are doing. Much relaxation will be had.

I'll then spend Monday through Wednesday in Atlanta with Jason and Christy and then head back later Wednesday. So there will be no blogging from Craig for the next few days.

In the meantime here's some little tidbits in the form of bullet points:

-- Tom has a serious collection of music stored on his computer that I use to write. It's really my only exposure to good non-radio music. Over the past few days I've become an Indigo Girls fan. Those chicks leave me breathless with their powerful lyrics and phrasing.

-- I purchased a six-pack of Shiner for my trip today and the check-out lady stared at me like I was a teenager trying to get away with something. She told me she'd need to see my id, at which point she acted shocked that I was as old as I am. I think she may have been flirting with me. But I don't recognize when that happens, so who knows?

-- I just got back from Jen Lake's birthday party at Ninfa's and I'm stuffed. She's finally caught up to me at 31.

-- Speaking of Jen... When she closed on the new house a couple of weeks ago the first thing she went out and purchased was a trampoline. After work on Tuesday I went over and spend the better part of an hour on that thing jumping with the kids. SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't remember the last time I've had that much fun. I had friends with trampolines as a kid, but I never wanted on them. (Fat kid issues.) But I was jumping like a muh fuh the other day and man was it rad. My thighs are still sore.

-- That's about all I've got for now. Don't trash my web-space while I'm away, but feel free to use the comments as a message board. You can discuss the wonderful attributes of me all you want. You can include how defined my calves are (which Nathan so embarrasingly informed me today,) your favorite shirt I've ever worn, why you miss the television show Ed, and generally how much you'll miss me while I'm away.


greenISgood said...

I'm jealous. I used to take time off, too, and camp. Don't open the Shiner while driving. I've never seen your well-defined calves, can you show 'em when you get back? Girl was flirting wit ya, foo, gets some digits next time - geesh! I like the shirt you wore when I took your money. Next time I'll take the shirt.

Have a great trip! We'll all miss you. Peace out!

Aho said...

Why didnt more ED fans jump on to Love Monkey. I know it was CBS, but, it seemed like something my friends who were Ed fans would have jumped on to. On a positive note, since Love Monkey was only a 3 episode run, the DVD collections should be pretty cheap.

Singleton said...

The world is dark in my eyes... Where is Craig Nash? What will we do? God help us, and have mercy on our souls.

harris said...

craig, remember that time when i was reading in barnes and noble, and you came up saying, "is this the book you wanted me to hold for you, sir?!" saying this loudly, everyone else who was quietly reading around us focused their attention on me and the book. the book had two shirtless, muscular men on the front cover, and it was title "homosexual lifestyle." i recieved a few wierd looks, and assented that yes, that was the one. remember that? it happend yesterday. i laughed for a good while about that. you got me, craig. i owe you one know. nicely done, but watch out. have a great trip. peace

greenISgood said...

How much did the book end up costing you, Harris? Just bi-curious.

Erin Davis Lance said...

You just had to go and bring up "Ed," didn't you Craig. *Sigh* My life has been in a slow, downward spiral since its cancellation. And no, I don't want to watch "Love Monkey." Unless it can come up with the sheer genius that was the bowling alley lawyer and his motley crew of quirky, well-meaning friends, then I say no thank you.

tracey fields said...

i'm never carded. i think that she was definitely flirting with you.

harris said...

well, robert, considering craig and i are reading through the book together, i only paid half.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
Caddo Lake?! That reminds me of a little kanooing accident. Just don't stand up in the boat.
Today I preached twice and I am dead tired. Tomorrow Isabel and I will come back Home to Texas. Texas kind of crept up on me and has become my home in the last three years. I did not addmit that to myself while I was living there but I guess sometimes you figure those things out when you leave.
Hopefully see you soon,