Monday, March 27, 2006

A Reader from Home?...

The Site Meter not only tells me where those who read my blog are from and what time they got here, it also tells what brought them here. I'm always shocked by how many people find me by Googling my name, until I remember that I spend a lot of my internet time Googling the names of people I've known in the past.

Today someone has found my blog by Googling "The Chandler-Brownsboro Statesman," the newspaper many of you are gracious enough to pick up for me when you are traveling to parts east of here. I've mentioned the paper before so when you type it into Google and scroll down a bit you'll find my page.

This is interesting and a bit scary. The closer the site map gets to Chandler the more nervous I get. Because I'm like most of you-- Although our personalities and "essences" are the same as when we were growing up, many of those in our hometowns have missed out on much of our development as humans. This means the "Craig" they think they know isn't the whole story.

I think most people I know have at least some contact with their friends from home, but I have little to none-- other than an Instant Message friendship with one old friend. I'd really like to reconnect with people.

Anyway, all that to say, I'd love to know who from my hometown area has finally found me. (And I know it's from Chandler or Brownsboro because I can't possibly imagine why anyone would Google the Chandler-Brownsboro Statesman unless they are from there.) So speak up and make yourself known.

I know I promised something about the Terry Esau sermon, but I need to be fully rested. I've spent the day writing, watching the Lake kids for a bit, and playing racquetball. I need some rest. I've got a busy week ahead of me, but hopefully I'll check in from time to time.



Meg said...

Hope to see you at the HUB! Lets sit by each other again! (not by Harris though...him and his comment about me being ya'lls love child...weirdo)

Afuqua said...

Hello Craig, I ran into your site by googling Chandler Brownsboro Statesman. Hope you are doing well! You will remember me as Angie Taylor... now Angie Fuqua as I have a wonderful husband of 13 years and two little girls Julia (7.5yrs) and Paige (14 months). Say hello to your sister for me. Warm Regards!