Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What I've been up to...

I've kind of used Spring Break (which I am not a part of) as an excuse to not write much. Everyone else has checked out, so I guess I have as well.

The things I've been doing this week are as following...

-- Becoming familiar with Graphic Novels (comic books for us old timers.) I've given up the gift department to Carol, who has a much better eye and talent for that stuff, and have taken up the Manga, Graphic Novel, and Role Playing Game Department. I'm going to become a nerd. But better a nerd than having to clean up journals every day.

-- Helping Jen move into her new place next door to Jessica Simpson's grandparents and scheming how I can become the next Mr. Jessica Simpson. (I'll even settle for Mr. Ashley Simpson if it will guarantee me a place on the cover of at least one tabloid. Is she 18 yet?)

-- Working on some writing stuff about Kyle.

-- Listening to some of Kyle's sermons.

-- Running on the treadmill and suspecting I have some fluid on my lungs because it's been a little harder to breathe lately. Perhaps it's something in the air.

-- Reading a book on the Azusa Street Revival and the birth of global Pentecostalism.

-- Waiting patiently on everyone to return to Waco so we can continue this great big party we call life.



Katy said...

Dude, JenA and I are still in Waco. Stupid Spring Break. I resent everyone who gets a week off.

ruth said...

ditto to what katy said (except the waco part)...and ashlee simpson is 21 so go for it (and don't ask me how i know that)

Melissa said...

since you're in the neighborhood I highly recommend you read the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. And if you want a little bit of extra metal in your nerdity, go check out The Last Temptation as well.

jenA said...

um, i'm not so sure i like this 'living next door to the Simpsons' thing. I don't want those girls talking to the kids. they're creepy.
as for katy's comment, i've been spring breakless for a few years now (never really got one in college) so I'm a little less bitter. I like the quiet.