Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Channeling the Good Monster...

Of all the interesting things in the world I think cookie jars are very close to the top. I don't care who you are, if you walk past one of those old fashioned ceramic cookie jars that say "Cookies" in raised glossy letters on the outside, you have a deep desire to pull the top off, listen to the clanging noise of the top being pulled off, and peer inside to see if there are, in fact, cookies located in the hollow center.

My grandmother owned one such cookie jar. As a child I never had to wonder if there were cookies in it because there always were. Sometimes they were homemade but mostly a package of Nabisco Chocolate Chip cookies were opened and emptied into the cookie jar. Oh, and the occasional Little Debbie snack. Love that Little Debbie.

As I got older...well, actually, as she got older, the cookies stopped showing up in the cookie jar. Instead she began to use the cookie jar as storage for other food-related items such as cake mixes or marshamllows or just plain brown sugar. In fact almost everything in my grandmother's kitchen over the years developed a use other than that originally imagined by it's designers. The microwave became the bread box because the bread box had to house the Saltines. The oven housed the cast iron skillet which was used to make cornbread.

But that cookie jar was the centerpiece of the house and the only reason I'm telling you this is because I needed to write something and, frankly, I'm a little hungry for cookies right now.
Kyle was devoted to the practice of eating uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough which is really irrelevant to this post about cookie jars other than that it provides a perfect segueway into having you check out the trailer for Kyle's Film.

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Meg said...

My grandmother did the same thing. Sad when things change like that. My grandmother always had homemade cookies then started having store bought and now doesn't have them at all :( I always liked that Kyle ate cookie dough.