Monday, March 27, 2006

My Weekend...

If you haven't checked out Singleton's latest post, you should. It is rocking and I'd like to believe somewhat inspired by my great culinary abilities with a can opener, skillet, and crock pot. Seriously, though, it's some great writing.

It's ten till two in the a.m. and I am just getting home from work. Every few months the carpet cleaners come and management presence is required. So I went, got a few tasks done, then sat down and spent a couple of hours reading. My plan was to start the new McLaren book but I was distracted instead by Rolling Stone and Men's Health magazines. About the time I got to the book the carpet cleaner walked up and said they were finished.

The ride home was peaceful, all two miles of it. There's probably not a more desolate place than Waco at 1:30 on Monday mornings. The weekend partiers are nursing hangovers and planning their work call-in excuses and even the Charismatics and Pentecostals have been done with worship for a while now. It's just the road, deserted business, and me.

I've had a wonderful weekend. After work on Friday I headed to the Dugan's for a nice night of poker, pizza, and beer. In case you were wondering I had one beer and four pieces of pizza. (Or was it the other way around? I can't remember.) I won squat but that's quite alright because I had a great time anyway with wonderful people who can appreciate good, and even vulgar and out of hand, your momma jokes. I look forward to the next poker night.

Get this-- The Adbusters people should be proud of me. I spent zero dollars on Saturday. Didn't get in my car to go anywhere and didn't pay a dime for a wonderful day. I woke up at around 6:30, got some cleaning done, watched a little Texas Country Reporter and the Weekend Today Show, took a nap, went for a run, and (it's about time) started back to work on the book I started about a year ago. I'm on this chapter about conversion and I've been kind of stuck on it for a long time. But yesterday I decided to push through it so I can move on to other stuff that may come a little easier. After a couple of hours with that, (and four pages written,) I watched the Baylor Lady Bears get beat, then went to bed at 9:30. It was the closest thing to a true Sabbath I've had in an awful long time.

Which is funny, since our discussion topic this morning at Sunday School was about Sabbath. I truly enjoyed it.

It was good to have the Crowder band back for church today. Terry Esau preached and it was wonderful. I plan on writing more about that tomorrow, but in the meantime Amanda has already written about it and I concur with her sentiments.

After church I had people over for lunch. We ate outside on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather and even more beautiful people. I then took a nap, went to work out, stopped by the store to purchase a Moleskine journal since that is what all the cool people are using these days, and headed to Panera for a couple of hours to continue working on book stuff. After that I was off to the store, and now I am here.

Oh, and my plans have changed slightly for next weekend. I'm going to try to get off early on Friday, go see the miracle of adoption, then head off to Caddo Lake for a weekend of camping, quiet, reading, running, and writing. It's possible others will be joining me and it's also possible I may be alone. Either way it will be a much needed time of rest for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with all the good stuff.


Singleton said...

completely inspired.

greenISgood said...

4 beers
? pc's of pizza
9 world famous homemae chocolate chip cookies
(I counted)

The one about the javelin....
made all of our faces hurt, no, really really hurt

Got to see "American Experience: Eugene O'Neill" (I dvr'd it)

peace n' love,

Singleton said...

this sounds like a gathering that needs to be infused with some youthfulness... say a 22 year-old or two?