Monday, March 06, 2006


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has congratulated me for finishing the Bearathon, and especially my cheering section who seemed to follow me everywhere. It was a great experience.

And just in case you are wondering, yes, I did win with a time of 1:20:45. But apparently none of the pictures taken with me at the finish line reflect that. The clock was messed up and read 2:09:39, so I don't have much evidential ground to stand on when asking for my first place trophy.

A Note on My Links

Since I added a lot of new links last week I wanted to spend some time introducing everyone to everyone. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have that much time. But, in case you are wondering, my links divide up into the following categories...

Friends by way of ETBU (and their spouses): Blake, Jason, Christy, Cory, Shane, Aaron, Jeanne (by virtue of her being married to a former ETBU prof,) Mark, Robert B, Nathan, and The Stumbling Runner.

UBC'ers: Harris, Ben, Singleton, Josh, Robert D, Jordan, Crowder, Meg, Adam, Amanda, Janalee, JenA, Katy, Erin, El Mol (Not really UBC'er, but might as well be,) The Ponds, Tori, Ann, Tom, and Mike.

Friends Picked Up Along the Way: Tracey, Myles, Kathy, Mark, Luke, Chad.

So now that you know each other, converse. I do have one pairing I would like to see be blog comment partners: Josh Carney, meet Aaron O'Kelly. I'm going to need to see some good theological sparring from you two.

(By the way, Josh, when I went to your site to copy/paste the link for the previous paragraph, I noticed you had me linked under "UBC's Godfather." Hilarious.)

Just remember, never go against the family.


Aaron said...

Wow, you won the race! Great job, Craig. I thought your goal was just to run it.

You are hereby christened "Randy Shipp, part II". I know you probably don't know who Randy Shipp is, so next time you talk to Blake, tell him your new name and he will explain.

k-cat 22 said...

Holy Schnikies!!!
I don't know you very well Craig, BUT i do know Josh Carney AND Aaron o'kelley and that would be incredible to just to sit and listen to a conversation they had!! HA! I wouldn't understand a single thing they said ... but i know it would be controversial and hilarious!!!
(Kenny Byler - ETBU'04, Truett'07??

Aaron said...

So, is this blog pairing kind of like when little boys find two different kinds of bugs and say, "Hey, let's put them in the same jar and see if they fight!"?

Actually, I don't know if little boys actually do that, but it sounds like something they might do.

Anonymous said...

If I were Aaron I wouldnt waste my time.

EL MOL said...

so I guess you made it? congrats . . . thanks for making me an honorary ubcer . . .it is an honor

Tom said...

Congrats on the finish! I think that's almost the exact same time that I finished my first half in! Awesome job!

Carn-Dog said...



If Aaron is smart at all, then it will quickly become apparent that I have no idea what hell I'm talking about!!!

Craig said...

"So, is this blog pairing kind of like when little boys find two different kinds of bugs and say, "Hey, let's put them in the same jar and see if they fight!"?"


greenISgood said...

Cool. Can I get two tickets, please? ...I love cable.