Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Letter...


Dear November,

You really think you are Hot Shit, don't you? Capturing and having your way with me while my defenses were down?

Listen, I've got news for you. Your days are numbered. In a few minutes you will be out of my life forever. I've got to tell you, I'm happy for your demise.

I know you'd like for me to share my wrath with your predecessor, October. But I'm dealing with you and you alone right now. I'll get around to October soon enough, don't you worry your pretty little self. October, while being evil enough, at least had the brains to get out of town quickly after it committed it's crime.

But you stuck around. You tried to confuse me. You inflicted minor, but constant, pain. In your grip I was stuck with the dilemma between moving on and standing still. Your days lured me in with a false sense that the sun may just rise, and then you brought the darkness on. Man, how you brought the darkness.

But didn't you see my feet keep moving? Did you think you would cripple me? While you plotted your vile scheme, I refused to become a cliche'. True, I'll never be the same. Normal will never be back, because my normal was so tied up into his presence. But don't get too excited. I made a decision that ten years down the road I will not be one who it is said of "His life made a downward spiral after that..."

You take yourself so seriously. A week ago I thought you were one to be reckoned with. One I feared. Tonight, though, me and my friends laughed you away. You have become a joke washed away with good beer and a Love from Above that we dished out tonight with hugs and smiles and tears.

December will treat us better. Oh, it'll be dark and scary in it's own way, but we have become the ancient shepherds. December will usher us into the realization that The Almighty has looked upon us with favor. I'll cry a lot. I'll fret and I'll fear, but December will wrap me in it's arms, strong with sweet melancholy and even sweeter peace.

You won't be forgotten, but you will be finished. You are no longer worth my time.



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