Thursday, November 17, 2005


Don't be fooled by what some people think they know about us. At UBC, we are Jesus People.

About once every few months Kyle would get emails from well meaning Defenders of the Faith who had traveled to see the church where David Crowder leads worship. (Usually their journey began in College Station, but that's neither here nor there.) They all had many words. They only needed six... "Where was Jesus in your service?"

Their laser-like mind walked into our building with one goal in sight, to hear the word "Jesus," and the accompanying pretty Jesus-words... "Blood", "salvation", "God's-fame", and the most necessary to our generation of Christian consumers, "God's Glory."

They left the building without being able to check the words off their list, so they carried out assumptions about us that they felt free to share with others as fact.

Yesterday we had our last Wednesday night service for the year at Truett's Great Hall. I walked in with Josh and Lindsay, who had me over to their apartment beforehand for dinner. I spoke with Tracey for a second, hugged Matt, sat down next to Amanda, and the service started. Ben made a few announcements about where we'd be for the next few meetings and about Thanksgiving Love feast. We sang some songs (about Jesus,) watched a Nooma video and listened to Ben talk about Ecclesiastes. We prayed (to God, in Jesus' name) then dismissed.

At the end of the service I realized that for the first time in two weeks the name "Kyle" was never mentioned. Not once.

If you were in the service and told me we have forgotten about Kyle because his name was never mentioned, I'd look you in the eye and call you a damn fool. Did you not feel it, thick as a sweater? Did you not see the tears? The laughter? When we looked into each others eyes did you not see what we were thinking, communicating to each other? When Thanksgiving Lovefeast was mentioned, was it not evident that hearts and souls were aching with the realization that this year, yes, this year is the first time we get together and tell God "thank you" for giving us a life that is no longer with us?

I can cheapen anyone's name by saying it over and over. Modern day Christian songsmiths make a fortune doing that.

I'd rather you know why we gather without even mentioning it. I'd rather you hear us sing "Every ocean, every sea, every river, every stream, every blade of grass will sing," and instinctively know Why we sing and from Where our song comes. If you need clarification, stick around a bit. Put your checklist away, eat some turkey with us, and you'll find out soon enough.