Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Being Known...

David, being better with words than most people in the world, put it well-- it really is a beautiful cemetery. He has two large trees on either side of him. One has a perfect indentation for sitting and talking to him. It's actually quite comfortable. And if you haven't been there yet, the rumors are true-- It's across the street from a playground. With a soccer field on the other side. Can you believe it?

And it's just off of LaSalle. LaSalle! Other than Franklin, LaSalle is probably the ugliest major street in Waco. Then you make a turn off of 5th, and you are surrounded by beauty. The night his dad mentioned a beautiful cemetery right off LaSalle, I thought he was probably mistaken. The only beautiful thing off LaSalle is University Parks and University Parks is only beautiful because it takes you to I-35 and away from Waco.

I realize the subjectivity and improvability of this statement, but I just have to make it. Today may have been the most beautiful day ever in the history of Waco, TX. Sun. Seventy Five degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Cool breeze. Colorful.

I visited him today. It was the first time I went without crying. It was also the first time I went without sharing him with someone else. His is a popular sight.

Being close friends with Kyle the pastor, I knew I had to share him with others. I didn't mind. I knew the joy he brought to everyone. Usually when I drive up to see him now, I'll wait back a little if someone else is with him.

I don't say much. He knows.
He says nothing. He doesn't need to.

Ours was one of those special gift-of-a-friendships. One that, unfortunately, most people don't have. One where I never had to know what he thought about me. I knew. He told me.

Go, and do likewise. Spend Thanksgiving telling your family and friends how much you love them. Pour it on lavishly. Be embarrassing. Be foolish.

Live life to the fullest.

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