Sunday, October 10, 2004


Until a couple years ago when I read Bird by Bird and was introduced to the blog phenomenon by Christy Crothers I never gave writing a serious thought. I wrote a few emails a week and signed my name on checks and credit receipts. But beyond that, nothing.

When I started my blog I made a conscious decision not to archive my posts. This makes it to where, if you were so inclined, you could scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and see what I've written from Thursday May 2, 2002 until today. It's fun to look through it. I feel I've grown as a person and grown as a writer since then. In fact, I believe that much of the instability in my life (moving around, anxiety) from high school graduation to moving to Waco was settled a little by the creative outlet of writing.

It's good to have a creative outlet and it's good to look back at the years. But mostly I keep writing because so many of you keep encouraging me to. So, thank you for encouraging me. Your kind words make me want to take this more seriously. So the next week I'm going to try to get back to daily posting, regardless of what I have to say. I'm following Ann Lamott's principle that if I keep writing a bunch of crap eventually I'll start seeing nuggets of gold.

All that to say, hope you don't mind wading through the crap with me.

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