Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Poem to Many People All At Once That Probably Doesn't Rhyme but, at Times, Might...

Do you know how much more confident I am now than then?
Do you know that my silence is not passive, but active?
Do you know that I'm glad for those times and pissed about them at the same time?
Could you conceive that I really don't care, but still love to talk?
Do y'all know how that celebration saved my life?
Do you know how much the song resonates?
How about "A Few Good Men..." Do you know that I STILL haven't seen it, and probably won't?
Do you know how, if I had had the guts, that I would have called you motherfuckers in '96, because that's what you were?
Do you know how much you threaten me?
Do you know what I cry about?
You, and you and you and you and you, do you know how YOU saved my life?
Do you realize understand the power of happy tears?
Do you know that I meant it?
Did you know I missed you?
Do you know I miss you?
Can you possibly understand how your humor gives me life.

Maybe I'll tell you.
But probably not. I'll just let you try to decipher.
Good Luck.

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