Monday, October 18, 2004


-- Well, I guess it's official. I'm a legend. A trailblazer. As the Table Guy pointed out in a comment on The Theologians blog, the bullet points have taken off and I've been credited with the revolution. My job is complete. I have something to be remembered for.

-- The bullet point resonates because aren't all our lives really, when it comes down to it, bullet points? Sure there are grand themes and paragraphs and plots and character development but, in the end, our lives are lived out in small increments. It's why Ann Lamott believes the short story is one of the greatest art forms, because our lives are played out in short stories.

-- I started reading my first bit of fiction from Ann Lamott last night, Joe Jones. It's started out as I expected, amazing. She is the master of metaphor and description.

-- I've been feeling like the fat cells are making their way back into my body lately. The eating hasn't been as good as it could be.

-- I did, however, just finish running five miles, my longest ever.

-- You'd tell me if I were gaining wouldn't you? I'm not quite sure I want you to. Perhaps I do, perhaps I don't. I'll get back with you on that one.

-- Probably because the death of Ben's grandmother made me think of my grandmother, my dream last night was extremely peaceful. I dreamed (or is it dreamt?) about the twenty miles of countryside between Henderson and Carthage and how peaceful it was driving through it because I knew I was about to get a hug a pinch on the leg and a big old glass of the best sweet tea in the world and a few hours on the porch listening to the wind and watching the birds. Sweet, sweet memories.

-- I wrote this thing for church a couple of weeks ago about how remembering is really re-membering. Taking something that was a part of your life and reintroducing it to your life.

-- Sermon went well, although Kyle told me I might have been a bit too harsh on the fundamentalists and I didn't believe him until I remember talking about how some people were too addicted to being martyrs and offensive and how some people are freaks, although the freak comment was meant to be a joke because it was in reference to myself.

-- Anyway, I got an email from someone I don't know telling me they almost cried in the sermon. Could have been the first time I ever made anyone cry, except for the time I pushed Spike Prieto down in the fifth grade.

-- It was the first and last fight I've ever been in.
-- Except for the time I hit Stanley Phelps for saying he killed one of my puppies.
-- And there was that fight Brent and I got into in college over the last quarter in the apartment.
-- I'll have to tell you about that one sometime.

-- About to go hang out with the coolest, most radical and Jesuscentric youth minister ever, the Table Guy who is down with the G-O-D!

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