Friday, October 01, 2004

About Last Night's Debate...

Kerry won. Hands down. He was sure of himself, confident but not cocky, on the offense but not offensive, Presidential. The President, on the other hand, stumbled with his words much more than can be attributed to his folksy style, diverted attacks by practically changing the subject, and seemed to let anyone in the world who didn't already know that it was way past his bedtime.

With that said....

Bush, however, in my opinion, was the clear winner of the night because he did what he has done since running for governor the first time-- He let his position be known and put in a way that anyone could summarize in three statements. 1.) Sepbember 11 changed the world and the way the United States has to protect itself and I, no matter how popular, am making the tough decisions to prevent war from happening. 2.) The war in Iraq is "Hard Work," but we're sticking with it. 3.) My opponent changes his view as the political situation changes.

What can you say about what Kerry said? Well..... "I authorized Bush to use force to remove Saddam Hussein because I believed the intelligence but I think it was the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time but I'm still going to try to get other people to help us fight the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time because Bush has given up on Bin Laden and I made a mistake about saying that I voted for the appropriations before I voted against the appropriations and, oh yeah, I'll be a leader that other world leaders can follow even though I questioned the integrity of the interim Iraqi Prime Minister and this war that I authorized the President to fight was the wrong one at the wrong place at the wrong time and I didn't authorize it."

If this were a real debate, Kerry hit a homerun. But it's not a real debate. The modern Presidential debate is nothing more than two candidates stating what they've been stating for months, just in closer proximity to their opponents.

I know where Bush stands.
I, being a somewhat intelligent person, understand where Kerry wants me to believe he stands, but I'm not sure which place it is.

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