Friday, October 08, 2004

Waking Up...

How about a little post-nocturnal free writing blog to start your Friday?

I woke up less than 4 minutes ago and made a decision to blog, instead of watch the news or check email first thing.

My dreams consisted of having an event at Barnes and Noble where Ray Charles would perform and LeAnn Rimes would read her new children's book at story time. Instead Oprah showed up and started leading the crowd in exercises, but by the time we started this we weren't in Barnes and Noble again but outside of the State Fair of Texas. I was with friends that I don't know and their mom, who was actually the mom of a girl I had a crush on in high school. We were going to go see a movie in Dallas but were talked into going to the State Fair, against my reservations because I had very little money. When we walked into the fair I decided to go into the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom I used it, walked out of the bathroom-- but at this time I was no longer in the State Fair but at First Baptist Church of Chandler, the church I grew up in, and I was alone, exceptfor a janitor (who in real non-dream life is a maintenance guy for Lochridgle Priest that does stuff at B&N.) I walked around and was excited because I hadn't been in the old church building since they built the new one. At one point I started crying because I was missing my childhood and how things were when I started walking around and peeked into the office to see the current pastor (who in real non-dream life I don't know) kneeling in prayer for his sermon he just finished (it was a Saturday,) so I decided to walk away. I went into the sanctuary and noticed (now, in retrospect-- but not in the dream) that every other part of the church was bigger than I remember but the sanctuary was just a little big bigger than my room and I wondered how so many people used to fit in such a small place that I thought was so big when I was a kid. A lady was sitting in a corner in the back and I walked back and asked her if she knew where the wedding reception was, because at this point in the dream I guess I needed to be at a wedding reception. She told me it was across the street and asked me if I knew the Kerry's, John Kerry was the one getting married. I told her I did (I guess, in my dream, that I did) and realized that I wasn't wearing a shirt. So I went to the wedding reception where there were people from Chandler who didn't know me, even though I knew them. I came across Moriss and Linda Taylor who were the parents of my sisters best friend growing up. Linda cut my hair until I became too cool for it and started going to Tyler to get my hear cut. (She couldn't do a mullet as good as the Tyler people could.) Linda finally remembered me and told me (in a kind voice) how much she relied on my business and how, once I stopped going, she had to shut down.

At which point I woke up.

I wrote it down because I didn't want to forget. If you were excited about a new post from Craig, sorry.

It was a dream.

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