Friday, October 01, 2004

Before I leave, a few bullets for you...

-- I need to work on updating my links and listening to stuff. I'll work on that next week because, frankly , I'm a little tired of the Brad Paisley cd and am no longer reading those books. Been jamming to Keith Urban for the past week or so and am in the middle of three new books.

-- But! I did get a new link added. Mark Penick has finally decided to join the revolution. Check his blog out, unless you don't believe in hell.

-- I'M GOING TO SEE BLAKE AND KARLA!! YEAH!!! I'll be back late tomorrow night. Got to work in the nursery on Sunday morning and work on Sunday afternoon.

-- Remember that cool breeze I spoke about a few weeks ago? It's coming people! People get ready, it's coming!! Colder weather will bring about a blog Renaissance on the part of Keg, (Sutton and Jude's name for me.)

-- Be blessed. Be happy. Be relaxed. Be with each other. It's what God wants, trust me. She told me.

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