Thursday, October 14, 2004

Random Thoughts...

I've got seven minutes to write until I have to leave the house to go to work. Considering the fact that I'm not dressed yet, make that four minutes I have to write.

About the debate last night: Another draw, in my opinion. Kerry actually became a little more likeable to me. Actually, I 've always thought he was fairly likeable but that it didn't come across. If he's elected I can handle it. I'll disagree with many of his policies but I don't think he's the boogey man, like many of my conservative friends do.

I do have a problem, however, with how he answered the faith and abortion question. He basically said that he is a man of faith, a Catholic, and implied that he believes in the Catholic position on abortion (unsaid was that the Catholic position is that abortion is murder.) But he didn't want to force his personal beliefs onto legislation. He then went on to say that his faith affects is policies on poverty and "social justice" (the buzzword for liberal christians.) My question is this: Why do you allow your faith to affect how you handle one set of policy issues, but not abortion? My theory: The things he already believes in, he then allows his faith the "speak to." Those ideas where his faith is in opposition to his political beliefs, well those are "personal views."

Real quickly, I think Bush had his best performance last night. There were a few instances where he was confusing and not clear with his answers, but for the most part he presented his view of the world and was very convincing. And on the faith question, he made no bones about the fact that his faith affects his policy decisions.

Gotta go, wish I had more time.

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