Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tonight's Grey's...

Of all the visitors I get on a weekly basis, Thursday nights after Grey's is by far one of the highest times of concentration. I think America flocks to the internet after an episode to find out "What was that song at the end," and ends up checking their daily blogs while they are at it. I know I do. And in case you haven't found the song of the week yet, it's Gary Jules' "Falling Awake." Already downloaded it.

Isn't this a great show? I think the reason it is so popular is beause it is so damn good. Yes, it's melodramatic at times, but these writers have a firm grasp on human nature and, as I've said before, understand death and all that goes with it.

I read something extremely interesting about the show lately. There's been at least two instances, (three if you count the bomb-squad guy) in which death has been a prominent storyline. (Denny and, now, George's father.) Yet we've never seen a funeral on Grey's Anatomy. The creator and head writer, Shonda Rhimes, has stated that she will probably never allow a funeral to take place on the show. She says that no matter how creative writers are, she's never seen anyone produce a scene on television or in film that comes anywhere close to capturing the feelings and essence of the funeral. How cool is that, to know that someone has a understands at least a small part of the sacred, so much so that they refuse to even approach it?

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Jessica Williams said...

Your insight to human nature is amazing. I was already looking for the song. Hah, you know it all to well. I am a closet reader of your blog, but I did comment so I am officially out. You are one of my daily routines.

Love ya, Jess