Thursday, January 11, 2007

Politics and Religion are Nothing...

One of the most poignant, and funny, moments from Friends was when the group was sitting around the coffee shop and the uncomfortable subject of money came up. The conflict was between Monica, Chandler, and Ross, who all had decent jobs that supplied adequate incomes and Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel who were still struggling financially. The latter group was becoming increasingly frustrated with the others not taking into consideration the cost of doing certain things together, like dining at upscale restaurants or going to Hootie and the Blowfish concerts. Someone (I believe it was Monica) implied that their friendship was based on more substantive things by saying "I guess I never really see money as an issue." To which Rachel replied, "That's because you have it."

For several years I've been very sensitive about the fact that the phrase "I'm broke" is extremely relative. For some of my friends, "I'm broke" means they are always just a couple of days away from their creditors reaching their dirty little hands into their paycheck. For others close to me it means they'll only be able to take one long-distance vacation this year. I'm at neither extreme, but come very close to being part of the group who feels the impending footsteps of the Vikings from those Capital One commercials.

Somewhere in the Friends conversation Chandler jumped up and physically squirmed at being placed in such an uncomfortable conversation. The humor was in the truth. Who of us has not felt a little icky when the subject of money comes up? I have, and I do. But it's something I need to get over, so this is me pulling the band-aid off in one quick swoop.

About a year ago one of my closest friends began encouraging me to "put myself out there" a little more with my writing and other gifts. As the year progressed the encouragement became less a suggestion and more a "push." Many of you who I know in person have also suggested I work hard at getting my stuff published. This is all still very strange to me, as I'm just one of the millions who began writing with the blogging revolution of the past five years. I'm not the only one named Time's Person of the Year.

Regardless of how weird it seems, it also feels good knowing that you actually enjoy what I have to say. I would have quit this and purchased an expensive leather journal from Barnes and Noble a long time ago if it weren't for all your support.

I spend a considerable amount of time with this blog. It's time I enjoy, but time is time.

This is where the ick factor gets kicked up another notch.)

So, in an effort to avoid getting a night job to generate a little extra income (it's something I've seriously considered,) I'm making an attempt to make writing my second job. (The next sentence will hopefully be the closest I ever come to being a televangelist.) And I'm going to give you the opportunity to support me in this endeavor. I've set up a PayPal account to make the option available for you to donate to the cause.

This is something I want you to do only if a.) you can afford it, and b.) you REALLY want to. I'm not going to, nor will I ever, require payment of anyone to read this blog. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how PayPal works and want to find a way to make any donations completely anonymous.

This will be the last time I ever write about this. The donation button, along with a link to this post, will appear at the left of the page.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to help me out financially, I want you to know again how much I really appreciate all of your encouragement. I want to continue writing about the people I love, my church, my places, and my God. I'll keep letting you know what I ate, what Jane did and how hot I believe Addison Montgomery is. But hopefully the extra intentionally I put on writing will produce something that is, well, consequential.

I feel like I should end this with a hug. Or at least a Thank You.

Thank You.

EDIT: For some reason the button in this text is not working, but the one on the left is.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look, but where is your RSS feed? You are the only blog I read that I actually have to seek out. And I'm lazy, so that is inconvenient.

Katy said...

Hi Craig,

I tried to donate, but stupid PayPal won't let me. Phooey. I support your blog, though! It is one of my favorites, because it keeps me up to date on Waco/UBC happenings. Way to be, man.

Do you ever read It's another great blog. Seriously, so good.

Hope you're well, friend!

Katy said...

One more thing: one of my former English professors recently wrote a book, "Confessions of an Amateur Believer." Patty Kirk. That's the professor. Have you seen it at Barnes? You should read it. Her writing is sort of akin to something like Anne Lamott.

Mike Pond said...

Hey Craig, regarding Mr. anonymous' comment above, I looked into how enable a feed with a Blogger account. It should be as simple as this: click the 'Settings' tab, click 'Site Feed', select 'Yes' for 'Publish Site Feed' and click 'Save Settings'. I think that's all you have to do.

Good luck in this new endeavor!

Craig said...


I just did what Mike told me. I'm still not sure how that works, but I guess it did.

Let me know.

And thanks, Mike.


Mike Pond said...

That worked, Craig. I'm now subscribed to your feed. Thanks!

Ashley said...

I second the recommendation for Confessions of an Amateur Believer. I read it over the holiday. Best thing I've read in a year.