Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Humor of it All...

I suppose you have heard by now that God is talking to Pat Robertson again. The Almighty has revealed to Mr. 700 Club that a major U.S. city will be attacked this year. Although he's not necessarily (wink, wink) saying the attack will be nuclear, he believes it will affect millions of people. And across the country, in front of screens a segment of our population is providing a hallelujah chorus of "Amens."

I saw Borat yesterday and thought it was absolutely hilarious. The critics loved it because it, in their minds, pulled the veil back on the supposed progress of social attitudes in their country. They believed the humor in it all was that it spoke truth.

I'm, however, increasingly under the persuasion that these things are funny for the opposite reason. I believe their humor lies in the fact that they are so decidedly out of place. We get a kick out of the anti-Semites in Borat because the majority of people in this country are not anti-Semitic. Pat Robertson is nothing more than a circus act to us because most people of faith, while still possessing strong opinions about God, seek to approach their understanding of ultimate issues with humility and reverence.

So while Sascha Baron Cohen and Pat Robertson do alarm us in revealing segments of our population that are a little off-balance mentally and emotionally, the encouraging thing is that we are in a society that has learned to laugh.

And laugh we will.

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Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

Robertson & Cohen... Brilliant analogy.

I like how now days it seems like God kinda sorta whispers to those who speak for Him, and they are kinda sure that he's talking... enough so that they'll go on TV, but not enough to really be 100% liable if it doesnt' happen.

Prophets used to say, "Thus saith the Lord." I'm glad Pat Robertson is so P.C. He probably just considers himself emergent and doesn't want to try and be too harsh.

Then again. No.