Sunday, January 21, 2007


Luke has caught me in a lie. I have stated a couple of times that I have only recently become prone to keeping my eyes open and looking around during corporate prayer. What I did not remember while sharing this fact was that I was caught red handed back in '96.

I was in a little church in Estonia, singing in the choir. One of our team members had a video recorder to document the trip and was recording that particular service. Toward the end there was a LONG prayer, and I grew weary of it, so I just opened my eyes to start looking around. When I scanned to the back and saw the camera rolling, I immediately closed my eyes and bowed my head in a frantic manner that showed the fear I had of being caught in a grave sin.

Watching the video was quite possibly the hardest AND longest I have ever laughed before or since.

Do you ever feel that as you grow older you lose the ability to laugh as hard? I do a lot. I laugh just as much, and feel joy often. But I miss those times when I was still a little bit of a kid and could laugh until my stomach hurt.

Oh well.

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Luke said...

Oh what fond memories of our trip there and back again. I am surprised that your memory is so rusty....however the claim that this was one of your few moments of sacrilege hardly comports with my recollection. I will offer but one example, do you recall....when after a long plane flight, a moderately long bus ride, we were then subjected to a very long lecture on the history of Estonia. I vividly recall you passing me a note with your reflections on the parousia. "I hope Jesus comes back...NOW!"