Wednesday, November 15, 2006


-- I woke up early this morning, did my morning stuff, which today included looking at my bank account. Realizing I had just enough to get me to the next paycheck, I made a vow to go a couple of days without spending any money. I was going to take a break from capitalism for a short amount of time. There's food in the refrigerator, gas in the tank, and (most of) the bills are paid for the time being. I was happy with my decision. I then went out to my car to head to work on this, the most windy day Waco has seen in years. As I pulled out I realized it is extra cold in my car. I looked to my right to see that the passenger side window has been busted in. 15 hours and $155 later, so much for the experiment in not spending any money.

-- The Marshall News Messenger, (affectionately known to Marshallites as the "Marshall Mess.,) did a story about our time at chapel the other day. I thought it was very well done.

-- Sometimes I watch Oprah. Don't judge me. Today one of her guests was John Mayer. He sang and chatted with O. (That's Oprah.) From his conversation came one of my favorite quotes in a long time. He was talking about a moment he had when watching Murderball, a documentary about para and quadriplegic involved in sports. He said when he finished watching it and reflecting on the journeys of the individuals depicted therein, he resolved to live his life "as if it is 'before the accident.'" Wow. I heard that and wrote more this afternoon and made the choice to savor every moment I had with people at church tonight. What a great "Life Verse."

-- Over the past several months I've had people tell me "You really need an RSS feed on your blog." I still have no idea what the hell this is. Somebody please offer me a tutorial.

Thanks for reading. Seriously.


Greg said...

RSS feed- really simple syndicate

hope you have some extra time on your hands... just kidding

(i'm friends with kevin roe and work with alan nauman, so i'm not a totally random guy here...)

nancy said...

See more information on Travel World here.Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this Travel Writer.

tracey fields said...

hey hey! long time. got back on line this month and am soo excited about reading again. hope all is well...i watch Oprah alot.

Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

I love John Mayer. I used to hate him. I'm a music snob, and when he put out his first album, all "poppy" and what not, I thought to myself, "Another extremely talented artist wasting his skills on pop drivel." Then I listend to the album and it's amazing pop music. Then came the John Mayer Trio. That guy played me like a $10 banjo. Get the name recognition with a good pop album, lure them into buying your next album which is a sick sick sick musical extravaganza.

Go John Mayer.

Mike Pond said...

The purpose of feeds in a nutshell: I can read all my blogs in one place (I use Bloglines) instead of checking each blog individually to see if it's been updated. I currently have about 30 blogs that I subscribe to. It would be a nightmare to have to go to each one everyday to see if something new is on there. Feeds make it all possible by telling me if there is something new.

Here are Blogger-specific instructions on getting a feed on your blog. Blogger uses Atom instead of RSS, but it's the same difference to the end user.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Holly Jones said...

craig, i too watch oprah on occasion and saw j. mayer on and thought that was cool what he said... i had to think about it for a sec, but it was a neat thought... did you also see that she is having the entire cast of grey's on friday?! i have to work at 4 on friday... i may have to tape this(since i am not cool enough to have tivo)

praise said...

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