Saturday, November 11, 2006


Many of you have started reading my blog over the past year, while others remember when the majority of my posts were bullet points-- random thoughts and circumstantial information. As I started to get encouraging comments about my essay-personal bio-ruminating posts, the bullet points started to fall by the wayside. Well, I need to start back, so here's a bulleted post...

-- Yesterday Waco felt like the 4rth of July while this morning feels like Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving better.

-- Today is the 6th day I've worked this week. The store is completely setup for Christmas and now I can begin doing what I really enjoy, which is selling books.

-- Jane has a new buddy. My roommate, Tom, surprised his fiance', Beth, with a black lab, Ella. Those two are so cute together. Jane and Ella, that is. But so are Tom and Beth. Ella, being about half the size of Jane, has taken over the place. She began by eating from Jane's bowl and sleeping in her bed and barking away all of Jane's protests. I think the trade-off for Jane, though, is worth it. It's good for her to have someone to play with during the day.

-- I've become a huge Gary Allan fan of late. He is one of the most underappreciated singers in all of country music. He's got a new song, A Feelin' Like That, that has been on ITunes repeat. You should check it out. He's coming to Billy Bob's in December and I'm going to try to score some tickets.

-- A lot of people have been asking my thoughts about the elections. Believe it or not, I'm actually slightly pleased with the developments. The Democratic party that won last Tuesday is not the Democratic party that has run in the last few elections. They managed to allow a more wide-range group of independent thinking moderates make it through the primaries and win in the general election. Now let's see if they will let them vote their convictions or will require them to fall in line with the Pelosi-Reid agenda. I am, a little disappointed with Joe Lieberman. (I've made this comment elsewhere.) The Democratic party totally screws him over and he chooses to stick with them. I know it's to keep his seniority, but still, he could be much more powerful if he and Jeffords form their own caucus and force both parties to go through them to get anything done.

-- I can't seem to find time to sit down and read any one thing lately, other than the Waco Tribune Herald, which I can do in 20 minutes. There's a new Dave Eggers book that I'm thinking about commiting to.

-- Last week was going to be the week I began running again. Then on Sunday morning, I pull a muscle in my back. It happened while I was just standing still. The previous week I had thought a lot about getting older, and then that happened, and didn't help things one bit.

-- A week from tomorrow is my favorite UBC event of the year- Thanksgiving Love Feast. I'm already planning for a full Turkey-cooking weekend.

-- Monday is the trip to ETBU to speak at chapel. We are getting up and leaving early. I hope it feels like fall because nothing beats East Texas in the fall.

-- It's time for me to get ready for work. We have an Booksigning going on today. I never know how to prepare for these. Many of these authors can be quite the Diva. But I'm in a good mood so everything should go well.

-- Have a good Saturday. Thank a veteran, hug a neck, take a nap, put on your sweater, and listen to a song that makes you want to make it through a little bit longer.


MarkP said...

how did it go today?

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