Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I love you man, but when did you get so cantankerous and into yourself? Think about the others who call UBC home...

I believe we are all, to varying degrees, cantankerous and into ourselves most of the time. Occasionally, though, we have weak moments when we let down our guard and let our narcissism show. Or is it during our strong moments?

I heard a story several weeks ago from a good friend who works at a church. There was some sort of gathering at the church where food was involved. Sometime during the evening a shouting match ensued. It wasn't over theology or someone being treated rudely or even political differences. One old person got pissed that someone would have the gall to bring a store bought pie to the church dinner, and they decided to let their disapproval show, right there in front of everyone.

This is one of the funniest and most beautiful stories I have heard in some time and it reinforces the subtext of my previous post, which is that a healthy church is one that looks an awful lot like a typical family, full of emotions and anger and an authenticity that can get messy at times. But, as the old hymn proclaims, love is the theme. And love is the wonderful glue that keeps people together despite the things that cause other relationships to dissipate over things large and small.

I will not defend myself against allegations of cantankerousness and into-myselfness, because it is true. I will say, however, that the thing that fills more of my thought space is the great love I have for the others who call UBC home, a love so great that it will withstand any frustrations over line-protocol breaking and store bought pies.


jenA said...

I never get offended when someone brings store-bought anything.
I do feel slightly snubbed when food-hating suburban white kids refuse to try anything not made with wonderbread and grape jelly or labeled Bush's or On the Border.

greenISgood said...

Whoever it was who labeled YOU "cantankerous" has obviously not met ME yet. But if you'll send over his/her address I'll make sure he/she really understands the term and that they're messin' with the wrong Mexican's friend. I especially like "...I love you man, but...." It's such a "nice, polite" way to start a condescension.

The other thing that bugs me about those food lines at UBC is the fact that when Ben et. al say "stay for coffee", like after the HUB, and there's two measly coffee pots worth of coffee (for, like, 150 PEOPLE!) and when you finally go to pour a measly styrofoam cup-full, it's freakin' EMPTY! PISSES ME OFF!

Carn-Dog said...

Gideon's sermon would go good with this post. You know what I'm going to say...the same Holy Spirit breathing the same inspired message all around the church. Or you could just go with predestination, which I often do to save on time.


Robyn said...

As someone who cantankerously and self-centeredly did NOT follow line protocol, I beg your forgiveness. (But it was Hannah's fault!)

Have a great day!

Meg said...

That line was annoying and I don't know anyone there anymore either. I am an awful Sunday School leader b/c not only do I not know half their names, I actually called one kid the wrong name in front of the class. I feel ya. Change sucks sometimes. Welp, Happy Thanksgiving!