Friday, November 03, 2006


Dear Morning,

Of all the divisions of the day, you are the best. You have coffee, breakfast, and the morning news shows NBC Texas Today, The Today Show, and Imus in the Morning-- which is becoming my favorite.

In you, morning, I can think the best about the people I have the worst trouble with, for you have protected me from the hard reality of face to face interaction.

Here's an ironic thing. One of the reasons I love you so is because I'm one of the few people who love you so. Yet the only way you could be better is if more of the people I cared about loved you more. Does that make sense? It may in the afternoon.

Well, since you are here I must now leave and move on to the time and place where I'm forced to shed the innocence of you.

See you tomorrow,



harris said...

i love the morning craig. i know your morning begins around 6:30, but my begins around 7:00 or 7:30. the mornings are great. hope you are well.

jenA said...

you and my dad would be good friends.

Michelle said...

Ahh, I like this letter to morning. I usually sing to it, I love it so.

Aho said...

i (heart) imus