Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some of my favorite things...

In the spirit of Oprah, I give you a glimpse into the things I'm liking these days...

-- Toasted Coconut Marshmallows. Cory, Marlene, and I discovered these things while looking for S'Mores items at the Wal Mart in Athens, before that Junior High Retreat I did a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge coconut fan, nor do I go head over heels for marshmallows. But something about this combination has me hooked. I must have mentioned my love for this concoction to Jen Lake recently, because the other day when I took the boys home she had a bag ready for me to take home. I've been munching on them all week, refraining from looking at the nutritional information on the package.

-- Newsweek. Of all my Monday rituals, one is taking my fifteen minute break while reading Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom, which tells me what I should think about so-and-so this week. This publication has great writers-- a little deeper content than Time, yet more accessible to lay-people like me than The New Yorker or the New York Times.

-- The Intersection of Waco Drive and 29th Street. When I take Jane for a walk, we almost always have to stop here and wait for the light to turn green. Jane sits while I pet her. On many occasions there are hot girls who drive by us with an "Awww, how cute!" look on their faces. When this happens I pretend they are enamored with me and not so much my adorable puppy.

-- My Home's in Alabama by Alabama. I'm not from Alabama. I don't even think I've ever stepped foot in the state, although I did drive through it on the way to Atlanta (Ga) once. Regardless, this song is a musical biography of the band Alabama but includes such universal themes of home, belonging, and identity that anyone can listen to it and feel nostalgic for the place they call "home."

-- I don't even know where my bible is anymore.

-- Beer. I remember a time, not all that long ago, when I felt that anything you had to "develop a taste for," wasn't worth trying. It was a way to support my belief in total abstention from alcohol. But I've developed a taste for beer, and it's worth it. I enjoy the taste of a cold Dos Equis or Shiner, but like a good cigar I mostly enjoy the camaraderie that the occasional brewed beverage instigates.

And finally--

-- Grey's Anatomy. I'll be honest, most of this season has disappointed me. But last week's episode redeemed the show in my mind. Where this show has lacked in plot direction, moving in circles and overdoing the whole thing where the situation of a patient shines light on a main character's dilemma, it has made up in it's brilliant use of character history and development. I love me some Grey's.


jenA said...

omg i LOVE those marshmallows. Where are they?

Carn-Dog said...


I know about the beer!!!

Myles said...

i'm with you on the character development. finally, we get so why george is so odd.

and beer. love me some frosty beverages.