Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Think I'm Original, Please....

Dear Cory and Myles and anyone else who has recently posted a fictitious letter and may think my previous post was a stylistic ripoff ala. Donald Miller ripping off the style of Anne Lamott,

Recently (last night to be exact) I wrote a post in which I wrote a fictitious letter. I hope you don't think I ripped off your style ala. Donald Miller ripping off the style of Anne Lamott.

I wrote that letter late, after closing the store, and being very tired. When I went to bed, I lay wondering "Didn't someone else recently post in the fictitious letter style," and then I remember both of you very recently writing in the fictitious letter style. I almost woke up and changed the style of my post into a regular post about affection so you wouldn't think I'm not original.

But you know, everyone is doing that these days. Trying to be different. So, when you think about it, my copying your fictitious letter style is actually pretty innovative. Cutting Edge. (Cory, appreciate that one?) Dangerous.

Really, I've been doing this for a while. (Long before you two were born.) Several years ago I read a book by this guy who says that when he finishes reading a book he writes letters to the characters to tell them what he thinks about them. And he keeps writing letters to them throughout the years, like they are old friends. Occasionally I'll do this in my journal.

I can't write any more, because I realize how mentally ill I am by doing this. But please, think I'm original.

Your Original Friend,


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