Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So How's this for a Day...

This will probably mark the single most posts I've ever written in a day. I've been a busy bee.

I had the day off. I rose from my slumber (without the aid of an alarm) around 6:45. Until 11:30 I took turns watching television, working on my sermon for tonight, and writing and posting on blogs.

At noon I had lunch at the church with Kyle and Jamie, then I headed to a 1:30 showing of "Elizabethtown." I thought it was wonderful-- critics be damned. Sure it was a little hokey and predictable, but sometimes you just have to turn your emotions over and let the movie director do his thing. Yeah, it made me want to dance alone and call everyone I love to tell them I love them... so go ahead and sue me if you'd like.

I then bought some t-shirts for $2.49 from the clearance rack at Old Navy, went and had dinner at Panera Bread, then headed home to read through the sermon a few times.

Sermon didn't go as well as I thought it would (even though I had a lot of compliments,) but it never does. I'm thinking of bowing out of the sermon delivery business and just focusing my enormous artistic talent on writing. (Some self-deprecation intended.)

But seriously, I'm thinking of taking this writing thing a little more seriously. It just gets a little intimidating at times. Every compliment I get simultaneously tickles me and scares me to death. Something about people raising expectations is frightening.

Which brings me to this think UBC is going to start next week as a community. So this guy wrote a book and is encouraging churches to participate in a monthlong thing where every person wakes up in the morning and simply prays "Surprise me, God." Everyone is then encouraged to write about their experiences on a community blog.

When Kyle mentioned this to me at lunch today I thought it was kind of corny. A litle to akin to living 40 Days of a Purpose-Driven life. I then moved from skepticism to "Well, as long as we are doing it in my favorite way-- together, then maybe it'll be ok." On my way home I started thinking it was a good idea. So I decided to get a head start and I prayed "Surprise me, God."

I'll tell you what surprised me, the fear that came upon me once I thought of asking God, (this is God we're talking about,) to surprise me, every day for a month. I could never bring myself to telling a server at a restaurant to surprise me, and here I am asking God to surprise me? This is getting into some scary territory. I'll keep you posted.

I haven't written this yet, but I sure had a great time this past weekend at Homecoming. Jason, Blake, Jason, Brandon, and everyone else, thanks for sharing it with me. It was special.

Later Home G's and Sweet P's.

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