Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Every day this week I have gotten up early, gone to work, come home tired, rested, ran, eaten, watched a little television, read a littl, then went to bed early. Today instead of television and reading I also gave blood and went to church. I've been meaning to write Jason's suggestion of "The One That Got Away," but I haven't had the time or energy to put into it. Sorry I haven't done any "real" writing lately. I think getting back running after a week off to recover from surgery has taken it all out of me. This weekend in East Texas will probably give me the inspiration needed.

Today at work I read this article in the Trib about how Americans have lost their manners. Fifteen minutes later I went back to work and was treated extremely rudely by two seperate customers. It was quite epiphanous. (Did I spelll that right?)

Any, just got a call from Fortenberry saying he is coming to Marshall for Homecoming. That'll add to the fun. I'm excited. GO TIGERS! Or something like that.

Alright, you want some good stuff, don't you? Luke, I'm about to spill the beans. You are no longer the only person in my blog community privy to this information. From now on, you have to share the knowlege of the real me--

When I was a kid I was a HUGE professional wrestling fan. One day I'll do a huge post about it. But for today I'll tell you this: I wanted to be a professional wrestler. My idol was Ric Flair. My middle name is Andrew. I wanted my stage name to be Ric Andrews.

My face turned red just typing that.

Go ahead, laugh away. You'll be sorry when I get you in a figure-four leglock.

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