Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My comedic timing was ON today in the doctor's office. I went in for a pre-op (that's pre OPERATION, for the medical terminology challenged) visit. The purpose of the pre-op is to basically tell you everything that could go wrong-- this could happen, that could happen, you might die, blah blah blah. In all my previous appointments leading up to the procedure I've been told that the most severe complications only occur in about 1 in 300 cases. The doctor told me he's never had any of them occur and he's done this over 200 times. I made the comment that I'm getting awfully close to the dreaded 300, which tickled the nurse to death.

Then he told me (again) the two most severe possible complications. These are due to the fact that there are key nerves that wrap around the back of the ear. The first is facial paralysis. The second is loss of taste. I informed him that if he get's back there and has to cut one or the other, I'd rather have facial paralysis than loss of taste. More giggles.

So, who is with me? Isn't that a no brainer? Question of the day for you, my faithful blog watchers-- Facial Paralysis or Loss of Taste? Which would you choose?

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