Friday, May 21, 2004


It's been a long day. I was in my car most of it driving around the state and back again. I think my car is about to punish me for it. It's making some not-so-comforting sounds. I fear it is nearing the end and I have neither the heart nor the wallet to replace it.

Mom's retirement party in Tyler was fun. I've often wondered how people at my mom's work handled being around her. You know, because she's looney. But meeting them I realized that she fit in perfectly. I think looney was a prerequisite for applying for the job.

But it really was special because you could tell that even though they were all crazy and weird in their own special ways, they all cared for each other. Which makes me appreciate my job because everyone there has a mutual respect for each other and everything is more or less ok.

You could do a lot worse than more or less ok.

From there I made my way back down to Temple for Erin Davis' art show at the Temple Cultural Activities Center. The biggest shock was that Temple had cultural activities, and a center to boot.

I really enjoyed Erin's stuff and wish I were artistically minded to enjoy it more. My vocabulary for describing how I felt about her paintings was quite limited. "Cool." "Awesome." "Pretty Colors." I felt special. You know..... SPECIAL

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