Thursday, May 27, 2004

A Hodgepodge Post....

The Money Thing

I started to roll up all the money I found cleaning my room last week and so far have come up with $45. What a find! That'll fill my tank up and a little more.

Not too long ago I mentioned how broke I am and how debt really does feel like those monsters chasing after the people in that credit card commercial. Well today I've decided to start being responsible. About three months shy of being around for three decades and I finally, for the first time in my life, sat down in my recently cleaned room and wrote out a budget. I feel like such an adult. I'm serious, this is such a big deal for me I have almost convinced myself that I should become a financial counselor and have my own radio show.

But I'll stick with baby steps for now.

My Friend the Actress, er, um, Female Actor

Last week on my way home from Tyler I stopped at the drugstore in Chandler to pick up a Chandler & Brownsboro Statesman. On my way out I heard someone yelling my name from way up high in the pharmacists podium. It was Bob Ball, the father of one of my good high school friends Cindy Ball. He wanted to catch me up with what Cindy was up to. She's a struggling actor in New York. How cool is that? I've talked with her a few times via email this week. It's so cool to know someone who is doing things now that will perhaps one day make it into an E! True Hollywood Story. I'm already making myself available to be the childhood friend on the show. "In Lamplighter, our preschool, I remember Cindy eathing dirt!" (It's true, but I remember in high school her claiming not to remember that.)


I was at the church helping with garage sale stuff this evening. It doesn't seem like we have near as much stuff as we usually do. A lot of beds and bikes, though. It also seems like a lot of the drama that normally comes with garage sale preperation is absent as well. That's cool.

My Thoughts on the ACM Awards

The ACM's are to country music's CMA awards as the American Music Awards are to the Grammy's. Good stuff, but not the real deal. The show started out crappy. Reba, the host, should stick with singing. The best performances came from Leann Rimes, Keith Urban, and of course, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss.

Waiting for ?

It seems like I've been typing a lot more and writing a lot less. For a couple of months there I was having thoughts and analogies and lessons and memories with a point. Now I'm writing circumstantial stuff. I know it's important just to keep writing, but I'm ready for something earth shattering. Somthing that will turn "Left Behind" readers on their ears and will cause someone to go into seizures it's so good.

That's what I want. Someone to have seizures.

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