Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Private Conversation...

(If you've read Crowder's newest book, you'll recognize that I'm not being original here. But I thought it was funny anyway.)
Edit: I've cleaned it up to make it easier to read.

Jason says: christy says she dogs on w. bush a lot in Plan B

Craig Nash says: yeah, that's why i didn't like it as much. too vitriolic.

Jason says: I figured it wounded you
Jason says: no one likes it when people talk bad about their daddy
Jason says: :D

Craig Nash says: in this one she expresses her dissatisfaction, but she actually addresses how she had to get over her hatred for bush. in plan b it really was "i hate bush," and she was seriously hateful.
Craig Nash says: yeah, funny.
Craig Nash says: maybe if i'd read plan b now, i might like it more... because i've "progressed." although not as "progressive" as she is.

Jason says: speaking of hating bush, we watched "an inconvenient truth" the other day

Craig Nash says: yeah, i hear it's good.

Jason says: I don't know if I'll ever be as progressive as she is
Jason says: yeah, I liked it

Craig Nash says: she killed a guy.
Craig Nash says: there's a chapter in this book about how she performed an assisted suicide to a guy who had cancer.

Jason says: I wish he would have left out some of the partisan politics

Craig Nash says: that was rough to get through.
Craig Nash says: that's the deal... i think many people would become much more environmentally friendly if they didn't feel like they were being politically attacted. the effect is, "well you think I HATE the environment? then fuck you, I'll show you hate for the environment." no one ever appeals to people's good natures.

Jason says: I enjoy reading her stuff, but she's not my spirtiual guide

Craig Nash says: she's mine.
Craig Nash says: you'd better hope you never get cancer.

Jason says: inconveniant truth was great....if not for the obvious partisan parts I would consider showing it in church some day, but I think you could divide a church over just a few of the partisan inuendos
Jason says: I do hope that I don't
Jason says: but if I do, I'll keep you at arms lenght

Craig Nash says: me too. i thought that joke might would have been funny, but it didn't come out very funny.
Craig Nash says: in my head it was.

Jason says: no, it was funny

Craig Nash says: good.
Craig Nash says: that was a close one.

Jason says: I think we're both funnier on chat
Jason says: everyone is funny on chat

Craig Nash says: i'm immensely more funny typing, especially with people i know.

Jason says: maybe we should start a chat comedy routine

Craig Nash says: ha!
Craig Nash says: serious audible laughing.

Jason says: people could tune in once a week for our chat cast
Jason says: complete with a range of emoticons

Craig Nash says: more audible laughing.
Craig Nash says: (puke)
Craig Nash says: that is funny, vomit.

Jason says: :x

Craig Nash says: it has to be at this time, though. i'm not as funny in the mornings.
Craig Nash says: i'm happy in the mornings, but not funny.
are you still here?

Jason says: yeah...still here
Jason and Christy Edwards says: I had to check something

Craig Nash says: can i post the last portion of our conversation on my blog?

Jason and Christy Edwards says: which part
Jason and Christy Edwards says: sure

Craig Nash says: good, because i think it's funny. starting when you say you watched inconvient truth.
Craig Nash says: because the chat cast comment made me laugh, so i figure it may make others laugh as well. and maybe i'll get a load of comments saying, "You two should most definitely do a chat cast...I'd tune in."

Jason says: then we just have to figure out what a chat cast is

Craig Nash says: we have to invent it.
Craig Nash says: i mean, you just did invent it, we just have to work out the kinks.

Jason says: you have to promise to change my spelling errors

Craig Nash says: actually, i think it's already been invented. they are called chat rooms... but if we called it a chat cast we would remarket it to a new generation.
Craig Nash says: we'll be the new youtube.
Craig Nash says: we'll have an automatic editor.
[11:42:45 PM] Craig Nash says: for the errors.

Jason says: you're not going to include the part about bush being your daddy

Craig Nash says: yeah, i thought i would.
Craig Nash says: because i laughed at that.
Craig Nash says: but not that hard.
Craig Nash says: it hurt a bit, but i also saw the humor.
Craig Nash says: i'm including all this also.
Craig Nash says: even the part after i asked your permission... so watch your language.

Jason says: oh
Jason says: it's tempting to type a "word here
Jason says: to be funny
Jason says: but I won't
Jason says: future search committees might be reading

Craig Nash says: it is, it's almost like I'm writing a blog post as we talk. (btw, i've already used the "f" word... should I delete it for the search commitees? or just use the f%$#?

Jason says: no, no, you can use works for have to be authentic
Jason says: you know, bc you're emergent

Craig Nash says: very.
Craig Nash says: i'm remergent.
Craig Nash says: im merging back into what i emerged out of. it's a new theology, and it will catch on.
Craig Nash says: i'll be the new mclaren.

Jason says: see, now I have chat fright, because I know people are eavesdropping on our conversation

Craig Nash says: alright, this is enough material. i've got to go to bed... the parents are visiting tomorrow. that'll make for a funny future chatcast.

Jason says: sleep tight

Craig Nash says: i will, have a good day. and stay away from the south.
Craig Nash says: and have fun at the wedding.
Craig Nash says: send my greetings to all present.

Jason says: I will
Jason says: later

Craig Nash says: later.


Jason Edwards said...

I have 2 observations:

1) Instead of displaying the emoticon, it just says "puke," when you cut and paste it.

2) Chat conversations are what most people wish face-to face conversations were like. You can say whatever you want to say whenever you want to say it. You don't have to listen. (you can just scroll up to the other person's previous point after you're finished with your current thought) You can basically have two conversations (or three) at once and it is perfectly natural and acceptable.

Craig said...

So basically you are telling me you don't listen to me.

I can take a hint.

Craig said...

I'm beginning to think this was only funny to me.

ruth said...

a bit hard to follow at times but definitely funny.
and you're right. plan b does bush-bash a lot. to the point that g.w. might as well be considered a major character. but it's still great...

Jeanne Damoff said...
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Jeanne Damoff said...

I say go for the chat cast. It's authentic, relevant, um, part of the conversation.

Really. This was tons o' fun. I laughed. I cried. I grew in ways I never would have imagined. I know because my pants are too short now.

amy said...

I'll be your automatic editor! :)

Jason said...

It was even hard for me to follow.

We'll definitely need that editor...