Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Behold my friend Blake
He's one of the best people in the world
(I'm serious about that)
I mean, he's blue and green, how much cooler can you get?
Today is the day, you should make Blake a cake
This is a way, to say Happy Birthday!

The poem's not that good, but if you want to see some of the most kick-ass poetry around, check out HIS BLOG. And tell him Happy Birthday. He's definitely one of my favorites.

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Doctor Clockwork said...

Thanks Craig!! Thanks for the phone call as well. Karla and I got up early, went to Salish Lodge by Snoqualmie Falls (big waterfall) to have breakfast Saturday. Then, we went over to Woodinville and visited Red Hook Brewery and took a tour and then over to Redmond to Mac and Jack's Brewery (the beer we had at our wedding) to check it out. Anyhow, so we were out exploring the countryside all day. That's why I was out of service range. Anyway, thanks for the very nice words! Can't wait to show you around here more one of these days!