Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Give me words...

Jason told me a few weeks ago that he'd send me a list of things to write about. But he hasn't been a very good friend because I haven't received it yet. Something about being "out of town." Geez.

Life has been blah, drying up my stories. So I'm needing you to help me out.

Leave me words, phrases, prompts, questions, whatever you'd like to hear from my minuscule mind about (within reason, of course.)

I've been importing my blog to Facebook. If you read it from there and ever want to comment, please come to I'm here more than I'm there.

I do have one funny story to tell. Unfortunately I need to go get ready for work, and also receive clearance from the parties involved in said story before the telling.


Jason said...

5 prompts = 5 posts

5. Dreamgirl
4. Swiss Army Knife
3. Forts, Huts, and Teepees
2. A Pleasant Suprise
1. 10 Years From Now

You must use every prompt to start an individual post. I don't care where it takes you. It must be at least one paragraph, but more would be better.

These were the first things that popped into my mind.

Jeanne Damoff said...

One day while Craig was strolling on the reservation he spotted her. She was sitting on a stump, whittling on a stick with her Swiss Army Knife. He'd seen her in his imagination so many times, he knew at once he'd found the real deal. His dreamgirl. His heart pounded in his chest as he moseyed past the forts, huts, and teepees to get a closer view. Boy was he in for a pleasant surprise! Dreamgirl was whittling a likeness of Kramer from Seinfeld.

"You're a Seinfeld fan?" he said, forgetting his awkward shyness for sheer joy.


"Have you whittled the rest of the cast?"

"I've finished George and started Elaine. Come back 10 years from now, and I should have a complete set, including Larry David and the Soup Nazi."

"Awesome! I'll do that."

As Craig made his way back through the forts, huts, and teepees, he felt he'd finally found that place of perfect contentment. He celebrated with a corndog from Sonic.

jason edwards said...


I love it!


5 posts.

Doctor Clockwork said...

Nice story, Jeanne.