Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Old Form...

In honor of Donald Miller's apparent disdain for bullet points, I bring you my once regular post full of them...

-- I stopped by the hospital this morning to see the new baby. To get to the baby wing at Hillcrest you have to go past the registration area downstairs. It was around nine and there was the feeling of excitement in the air, almost as if the people were registering for some conference they have been waiting years for. It also felt like an airline terminal.

-- On one of my next future posts I will address one or both of questions that have recently been solicited from me: What I thought about Donald Miller and what I think about George and Izzie gettin' it on.

-- Ella, who is Tom and Beth's dog, had to spend some time in surgery the other day. On Monday Tom noticed she was throwing up. Jane's collar had been missing for a couple of days and I made the joke that Ella probably ate it. It turned out not to be a joke and they had to cut her open to dig it out. They also gave her an I.V. and she has been walking around with a bandage around her arm.

-- The Compass is just a few days away from closing and you can get Gospel Tracts for only a dime. I'm waiting until they go down to a nickel before I scoop them up. There's also one of those old time wooden boards that announces the Sunday School attendance and tithe amount in country churches. Waiting for that to get cheaper as well. (The latter I really am eyeing.)

-- I'm hoping Grey's Anatomy gets better quick, or I may have to become one of those people who gives up on television.

-- It's bedtime. I work at six a.m. Later.


Luke said...

What do you mean old time? We still have the board.

Janalee said...

So I heard Grey's is a re-run tonight. Poo on that. I'm so frustrated with it right now.